Oscobo - Because Privacy Matters

It's pretty simple really. We are on your side. We will NOT store or mess around with your personal data.

What we don’t do…

We DO NOT store ANY data on our users:

NOT when you use our site.
NOT when you leave.
NOT when you type words in the search box.
NOT when you come back.

No cookies, No tracking, No IP, nuttin…., zip…, nada….

We DO NOT know WHO you are, WHERE you have been or where you are GOING and we certainly DO NOT compile any profiles.

What others do do…

Many search engines will place cookies, look at your IP address, analyse the search words you use and even track you when you leave their site to monitor your online activity elsewhere.

This data is then stored, profiled, and sold to advertisers who bombard you with spam, banner ads, potentially cold calls and worse of all can even increase the online prices of goods and services based on your profile!

Over months and years all your personal history both in and out of the search engine is tracked, monitored, compiled to be analysed and sold to advertisers.

Other Search Engine Profiles can include:

Age, sex, location, address
Salary band, propensity to spend online, last purchases, your bank name
Facebook profile, Twitter account, email account, social media tags
Your political tendencies, your beliefs, your medical conditions

What do we do do?…..(too many do’s?)

So we don’t do any of that.

Too good to be true?

Well, okay we have mouths to feed as well so where do we make our dough?

The only time your data is used is when you chose to click on one of our ads which are clearly labelled as sponsored links. Going to that site of course means you leave a minimal trail and the advertiser will see your IP and word you typed in.

HOWEVER, Oscobo keeps absolutely NO track of this. Your data will not be used again once you leave the site, we will not track you, monitor you or know you when you come back, your data is gone…..woosh……..pffffshh……. it’s gone, vanished.

Dooby Dooby Do…

So why should you care?

Everytime you go online, via your PC, your phone, your tablet, your phablet or your fab tablet phone fandango…..you leave a data trail.

Some data is very personal such as medical conditions or your financial situation, even your online purchasing history.

This data is being used to profile you. Not only to provide you with more adverts, spam and cold calls but even to change the results you see in your search engine!

More and more people are reacting and protecting their personal data with Oscobo.