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O is for "Oscobo"

Oscobo is a UK-based company founded by two guys who left their corporate jobs to work towards a belief they both shared – that personal data should remain just that, personal.

Disillusioned with the corporate world and that the private individual is paying for what seems to be “free” internet content, they felt it was time to turn the tables the other way round.

Oscobo is the only UK based Privacy Search Engine that does not track or store the user’s data.

In fact we do not store ANY data on our users:

Not when they use our site.
Not when they leave.
Not when they type words in.
Not when they type come back.

So where does the name Oscobo come from?

Like all the best companies, we’ve taken some creative license with the name. “Scobo” in Latin means “to look into”, “to probe” or “to discover”. The letter “O” in Swedish, means “not” or “non”. So, Oscobo, to us, means “not to probe, not to track”.

You don’t profile me or track me across the web like others – are you the good guys?

Well, we like to think so. Your experience with us is simple. We provide you with pure search results based solely on the words you type in and not who you are.

None of your data is stored or shared, unless you choose to click on a sponsored link. In which case only your IP address and search words are shared. Once you leave the Oscobo site we don’t keep any records and when you return we don’t know who you are.

So why use Oscobo? I have nothing to hide.

Most of us have nothing to hide. However, we don’t always feel comfortable with our personal search history being packaged up and sold to the highest bidder. At the end of the day it can include information such as medical history and financial status.

Any data that is held on a server can be hacked or misused. At Oscobo we believe that this is not acceptable.

It's pretty simple really. We’re on your side. We will not store or mess around with your personal data.

Please enjoy our service. Feel free to contact us directly at with any feedback or comments you have on the site. And do tell your friends you want to protect!